Embrace Your Curls

Jonathan Andrew, Fudge Global Brand Ambassador shares his styling secrets on how to embrace your curls with Fudge Professional’s Curl Revolution Mist, Xpander Foam and Aqua Shine Serum  – curly hair heroes!

“Natural curls are gorgeous and something straight hair people are envious of. You should make the most of them! The key to looking after curly hair is to make sure it’s well conditioned to avoid it looking frizzy. In terms of styling, I’m all for working with your natural curl and texture and avoiding over working the hair.”

To get the perfect curls try this:


Damp hair with Curl Revolution Mist all over, ensuring everything is covered. Add in a little Xpander Foam for lift and volume.


Sections of the hair randomly with the way the curl moves until all the hair is separated.


Using a diffuser and hairdryer, turn your hair upside down and dry the hair from end to root working the diffuser in small circular motions. Once 90% dry leave to dry the rest naturally.


Once dry, take some Aqua Shine Serum in your hands and loosely shake out and tease the curls with your fingers.

Top tip: for maximum texture drop some Fudge Professional Elevate Powder into the airflow of the dryer to disperse lots of amazing texturising benefits.