Superberries – The Health Facts

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With summer approaching this is the perfect weather for some sweet berries. But did you know that these superfoods have a number of health benefits?

Berry Gardens nutritionist Jenna Hope lists the advantages these fruits have to offer.

Jenna Hope

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Zara and Katrina Strawberries

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Everyone loves a strawberry. Yet not everyone realises quite how healthy strawbs are. Look out for Zara and Katrina varieties to enjoy both a health kick and a flavour punch!


  • They are high in vitamin C and manganese, rich in antioxidants (good for heart health), low carb and low GI.
  • They may also improve vascular function, reduce inflammation and decrease oxidative stress.

Jenna Hope says, “Strawberries have multiple health benefits including: promoting heart health, regulating blood pressure and supporting mental well being”.


Victoria Blackberries

Blackberry with leaves

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Many people still think blackberries are the small, tart berries of childhood hedgerows, but Victoria Blackberries are twice the size and much, much sweeter. They’re also PACKED with goodness.


  • Blackberries are low cal (32 callories per 100g), low carb and low fat.
  • There is evidence to suggest blackberries boost brain health and oral health.

Jenna Hope says, “Blackberries contain a host of really important nutrients. Potassium, manganese and vitamin C all contribute to key physiological functions, such as lowering blood pressure and supporting our immune function.”


Maravilla Raspberries

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Raspberries…juicy, a bit messy, flavoursome and a firm family favourite. But have you tried Maravilla Raspberries? Bigger in size and flavour, and with a whole load of health benefits, you may not know about the Marvellous Miss Maravilla…


  • Raspberries may reduce arthritis risk, aid weight loss and decrease signs of ageing.
  • Due to their high fibre and tannin content, they may positively impact blood sugar levels.

Jenna Hope says, “Maravilla Raspberries are perfect as a post workout pick-me-up as they are a great source of potassium which aids recovery and promotes retained muscle strength.

For more information about these berries visit Berry Gardens.

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