Hot Home Waxing Tips By Our Beauty Expert

Don’t miss this week’s beauty pages for our hot new beauty buys, including Nair Rose Sugar Wax. Leading facialist and skincare expert Charlotte Connoley provides her top tips on how to achieve flawless and hair-free skin (minus the pain) in the comfort of your own home

Charlotte Connoley

What is the best way to prep the skin before hair removal?

Before you start any waxing at home it is essential to make sure your skin is prepped. Make sure there are no sores or irritation and that the top layer of the skin is fully exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells and free ingrown hairs. This can be achieved by dry body brushing or using a manual exfoliating product in the shower or bath. Exfoliating the skin should be carried out 24 hours before any waxing to ensure that there is no redness, irritation or skin sensitivity before waxing.

What are your top tips for at-home waxing and do you have any tips for waxing novices?

If the thought of waxing yourself at home is slightly daunting then follow my tips. Start on an easy to reach area, such as your leg, and ensure the technique you will be using to take off the waxing strips is an upwards, fast movement as opposed to a slow and outward movement; which can cause damage to the skin or even bruising. Take your time and don’t rush. Make sure you have everything to hand and that your skin is fully prepped, clean and dry. The Nair Oriental Sugar Wax is an effective and easy to use formula. The precious natural rose extract creates an indulgent experience with salon-like results so it couldn’t be easier.

How would you soothe the skin and minimise irritation post hair removal?

Immediately after waxing the skin can become slightly sensitive. Avoid sunbathing or any heat treatments such as saunas, steam rooms, hot baths and swimming as they can irritate the skin. Applying deodorant, self-tan or makeup should be avoided for 24 hours. The Nair Coconut Body Strips contain moisturising coconut milk to nourish and protect sensitive skin which will help hugely to avoid irritation. Treat the area which has been waxed with a non-fragrant and natural moisturiser to calm and soothe the skin. Wear loose clothing to ensure comfort after you have waxed.

For those who find waxing painful, do you have any tips to help minimise the pain?

Take a warm bath or shower before waxing so that the pores are open which will ease the pain of the hair being removed. Skin can be much more sensitive around the time of your period because of inflammation and increased hormones. It is best to wax the week after your period has finished. Make sure the hair you are going to wax isn’t too short as the wax won’t grip to the hair making it painful and harder to remove. Make sure you adopt the correct technique; the waxing strip should be pulled off in a fast upwards motion.

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