Top Tips To Make Your Lipstick Last

Bobbi Brown make up artist  Hollie Ellis shares her tips for longer lasting lippy:

Balm First

Apply your lip balm first thing in the morning and let it soak in before applying your lipstick or if applied just before lipstick, blot off with a tissue

Pencil In

Apply your lip pencil around the edges of the lips. For a longer lasting effect, fill in towards the centre also as this will help your lipstick formula of choice to stay put on top

Finger Blot

Use your fingertip to blot the lipstick formula onto the lips for a stain-like effect

Lightly Dust

Hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust your setting powder on top to hold the lipstick in place

Set In Place

Finish by setting your lipstick and using translucent powder will create a perfect, smudge-free lipstick look, whether wearing a mask or not! Once you have applied lipstick and used the other steps above, take a thin piece of tissue and place it directly over the lips. Next, take a brush with translucent setting powder and dab it directly over the lip area. This process ensures all the excess lipstick is blotted away and the staying power will be much greater.”

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