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With companies like Cibdol creating new Cannabidiol (CBD) products all the time, there are now lots of options for accessing the health benefits of this powerful, organic compound.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic compound found inside hemp plants, which interacts with the endocannabinoid system. This allows CBD to influence several different functions in the body, like sleeping, for example.

Taking CBD daily is reported to bring lots of benefits, from relieving pain to reducing stress and anxiety, to name just a few.

CBD is now legal in many countries, and there are now lots of products designed to unlock its potential and benefits for people. From a CBD Oil supplement to CBD infused beauty products, there are lots of options.

The different CBD products

Different products can impact not only the onset of CBD’s effects, but also how long they last.

Some ways to take CBD include:

CBD Oil: One of the most popular options, organic CBD Oil is easy to use. Simply take a few drops with food or drink, or directly on the tongue.

CBD Capsules: Odourless and tasteless, CBD capsules contain a defined amount of CBD for accurate dosing. There are different concentrations available, from 4%-20%, so you can match them to your needs.

CBD Creams: Apply CBD topically through infused creams designed to influence receptors in the skin. This is said to provide targeted relief of pain or inflammation.

CBD Beauty products: You can add CBD-infused cleansers, serums and moisturisers to your daily skincare regime.

CBD Supplements: These blend CBD harmoniously with various other vitamins, minerals and even hormones in one convenient supplement.

Cibdol is one company that is exploring the different ways to use and benefit from CBD, offering a range of different products, like those mentioned above. Each of their products offers the same high quality, 100% natural CBD Oil.

A closer look at CBD Oil

CBD Oil is one of the most popular options, partly because it’s versatile (you can take it with food or drink, or directly on the tongue) and it’s available in different concentrations.

There are some potential side effects, but CBD Oil is non-toxic (which means it won’t get you high) and it appears to have a balancing effect on the endocannabinoid system.

Different CBD Oils have different formulas, normally containing the CBD and a carrier oil. Some also contain additional herbs and extracts.

Cibdol has pulled together a handy CBD Encyclopedia where you can learn more about CBD, in easy-to-navigate sections.

Understanding the basics of how it works might just help you figure out the right CBD product for you, so you can start unlocking the benefits of CBD in your life.

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