A Christmas To Remember

Silhouette of santa flying through the snowy night sky

Falling for the gorgeous department store Santa was about to take Brianna into uncharted territory…

Brianna bit her lip. She hadn’t intended to end her day wearing a chicken suit.

Having been made redundant she needed to pay the bills. So she applied for a temporary Christmas job at her local department store.

She’d thought she was going to be dressed as a Christmas elf escorting the children to see Santa. Which, initially, she was.

But it was also where the strangest thing happened.

After all, who falls in love with Santa Claus?

“Hi, I’m Brianna.” She tried to appear nonchalant; in her outfit it wasn’t easy.

“Nick.” He grinned, staring at her with beautiful teddy-bear brown eyes. Her heart raced and her stomach lurched as if she’d been dropped into a Jane Austen novel.

Apart from his eyes, she’d no idea what he looked like. She couldn’t see all of his face because of the beard and white hair, but she knew she’d recognise those eyes again. She just knew it.

And she was sure he was of a similar age to her, mid to late twenties. At least, she hoped so.

Unfortunately, she didn’t see him afterwards to find out.

The following day, during a lull in proceedings, she took the opportunity to discover more about him.

“Do you normally do this job?”

“Every year.”

“Does your wife mind?” Kind of direct, but she needed to know.

“I’m single. Though, one day, I’d love to settle down with the right woman.”

“Maybe you should put that on your Christmas list!” she quipped to cover her embarrassment.

Nick’s eyes twinkled. “Maybe I will.”

Thereafter, every time their gaze met Brianna’s heart skipped a beat.

She really hoped he was going to ask her out. Christmas Eve was nearly upon them and the display – and her job – would end.

The following day her heart sank. “We’re having a special promotion and need you to change jobs,” said her supervisor, handing her the chicken suit.

“But I’m an elf.”

“Not today. Today, you’re a chicken.”

Brianna stared miserably at the costume. What else could she do?

She spent the day handing out vouchers for some new flavoured crisps, and was just finishing her shift when someone asked if she’d any vouchers left.

“Just the one.”

She turned to see Nick in front of her.

“I only need the one.” He smiled under his white beard. “Thanks, Brianna.”

“How did you recognise me?”

“I’d recognise your eyes anywhere. I was wondering if you’d like to get a drink? Being Christmas Eve tomorrow, I won’t have time as it’s Santa’s busiest night.”

“What’s Santa doing tonight, then?” she countered, feeling as brave as anyone could, dressed in bright yellow.

“I was hoping to talk more with this amazing girl I’ve fallen for. It’s only now I’ve the courage to ask her out.”

Joy twinkled inside her like the sparkling fairy lights on a Christmas tree.

“I’d like that. I’m just finishing so that will give us both time to get changed.”

“Meet you here in five minutes?”


Standing outside, where they’d agreed to meet, she started at the sound of his deep voice.


“Sure.” Turning, she felt her breath catch in her throat. It felt as if all her Christmases had come at once.

Nick was as gorgeous as she’d imagined, chestnut-brown hair curling deliciously at the collar of his crisp white shirt.

Walking towards the park, she sighed happily.

With tiny snowflakes swirling like glitter, the scene couldn’t be more perfect.

But then a look of puzzlement crossed her face as she spied a sleigh and reindeer nestling behind some pine trees.

“Has part of the display been moved?”

“No, it’s mine. What other mode of transport would Santa Claus use?

“Actually, it belongs to my dad – Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus. I’m his son, Nick. But since Dad will be needing his sleigh tomorrow night, I asked to borrow it. Is that OK?”

“You really think you’re the son of Santa Claus?”

“I’m actually Santa Claus in training. I help Dad out on Christmas Eve. Is that a yes to a sleigh ride?”

OK.” Brianna swallowed hard, uncertain what else to do. She guessed she’d have to play along, then escape as soon as she could!

But as the reindeer cantered gently ahead of them, she relaxed. It’s as if we’re flying. He’d obviously been joking before.

After a romantic kiss, with the snow still falling, Nick gave her a shy smile.

“Can I see you again after Christmas?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Heading towards the bus stop, the sound of sleigh bells made her glance back.

Was it her imagination? Or did that look like Nick and the sleigh taking off into the night sky?

Surely, she hadn’t just been on a date with the son of Santa Claus… had she?

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