Gift Books For Gardeners

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From the seasoned allotment holder to the cautious beginner, everyone will be able to enjoy these sources of green-fingered wisdom throughout the year…

The Gardener’s Almanac by Alan Titchmarsh. Hodder & Stoughton. HB. £14.99.

Perfect for everyone from seasoned gardeners to people who find more enjoyment from looking at pretty gardens, this gorgeous little book is full of inspiration from the great outdoors.

Our favourite gardener takes us through the year month by month, giving advice on gardening projects, wildlife spots, favourite flowers, poetry and music inspiration and the best gardens to visit.

This treasure trove of a book also features illustrations from Alan himself – a perfect green-fingered gift.

The History Of the World In 100 Plants by Simon Barnes. Simon & Schuster. HB. £30.

Plants give us everything – from the basics such as food and shelter to the more indulgent end of the spectrum when we marvel at their sheer beauty. For centuries they have been used in religious ceremonies or to send a message of love. Without plants we couldn’t live for even a day.

From the simple daisy to the mighty oak, this enchanting and fascinating book takes you through the history of 100 plants. An interesting read to dip in to and learn a little more about nature.

How to Grow A Garden by Ellen Mary. Greenfinch. HB. £16.99.

Perfect for gardening beginners, this comprehensive guide will help you create a thriving garden. With easy to follow information on everything from planning your space to managing common pests, this is packed with good advice.

No matter how small your patch or how time-poor you are, there’s something for everyone – Ellen even has ideas for green-filled balconies and low-maintenance plots.

Fruit Growing – The Complete Guide To Growing Fruit At Home by Jason Johns. £9.99 HB from DC Thomson Shop.

This book of delicious possibilities is for anyone who wants to know more about growing their own fruit – from apples to guavas, with which the author has had great success (yes, in the UK!).

Whether you’re looking to grow a few plants in pots or have ambitions to create an orchard, you will find everything you need to know in this step-by-step guide that covers position, pests and how to deal with them, and some exotic fruit you’d never thought of producing at home. There are some excellent recipes included too.

The My Weekly Gardening Calendar, £7.99, DC Thomson Shop

Looking for ideas and inspiration to help your garden look its very best? My Weekly’s gardening columnist Susie White has put together this wonderful calendar to share her favourite flowers and plants with you.
Susie follows the four seasons with incredible photography from her own garden. She’s also got lots of hints, tips and expert advice to help make your own garden look spectacular.
Buy one calendar for £7.99, two for £13.50, four for £23.50 or six for £30.00.

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