The Best Apps For Helping You Stick To Your Resolutions

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Ten days into the New Year, how resolute are you feeling?

Only 3 in 10 Brits (31%) claimed to keep all of their new year’s resolutions in 2021, while a fifth of those questioned (20%) admitted that they didn’t keep any of theirs.

Research carried out by online smartphone retailer combined app store reviews and ratings to find the best apps to aid some of the most popular new year’s resolutions, to give people the best chance of making a change in 2023.

Andrew Cartledge, mobile expert at, reveals the best apps for reaching those new year goals.

Improve your fitness with Strava

App: Strava
App Store Reviews: 102,983
Rating: 4.7

“In 2022, half of Brits (50%) said their new year’s resolution was to do more exercise, with 40% of those keen to lose weight as a result,” Andrew says. “It can be intimidating throwing yourself in to an intense exercise regime, which is why fitness apps are perfect for building up your confidence and visualising your progress.

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“With Strava, you can track a range of exercises and sports including running, cycling and kayaking from the ease of your smartphone. This one app has everything you need to closely monitor your performance, analyse data such as your distance travelled, time active and your heartrate during exercise to hold yourself accountable on every activity.”

The top five fitness apps

Focus on your wellbeing with Headspace

App: Headspace
App Store Reviews: 329,515
Rating: 4.8

“The new year is often looked upon as a time for reflection and self-improvement, with many people focusing on their wellbeing,” Andy continues. “Headspace is a beginner-friendly platform for anyone looking to practise mindfulness or meditation through the ease of their smartphone.

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“Proven to reduce stress, meditation is also an excellent tool for improving your sleep and overall mood. Headspace’s guided mediation can be practised at any location as long as you have your phone to hand.

“You can also access articles and further resources through the app, to understand topics such as nutrition, self-care, relationships and even grief.”

The top five wellbeing apps

Kickstart your enjoyment of books with Audible

App: Audible
App Store Reviews: 606,305
Rating: 4.8

“Whether you’re already an avid bookworm or looking to re-ignite your love for literature, reading is a widely popular new year’s resolution,” Andy comments. “Unfortunately, our busy lives can often get in the way of finding ample reading time.

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“To help with easing you into a new reading regimen, the Audible app is great for downloading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts on your smartphone. The streaming site is perfect for people who are constantly on the go, so you can listen to your favourite books on the bus, in the gym or while cooking dinner, just by picking up your mobile phone.”

The top five reading apps

Travel the world with Skyscanner

App: Skyscanner
App Store Reviews: 355,550
Rating: 4.7

“If you’re looking to jet set around the world in the new year, but you’re keeping an eye on your finances, there are some money saving resources you should keep in your back pocket (and on your mobile phone).

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“Skyscanner is a handy, travel comparisons app where everything you need is in one place. You can compare prices, book flights, hotels and even arrange car hire through your smartphone, so everything you need is sorted before you arrive at your destination. It’s a must have app if you’re looking for the best prices on popular destinations, or even if you just need a quick getaway.”

The top five travel apps

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