The Burnout | Sophie Kinsella

The Burnout book cover


What a book! The Burnout is everything a reader wants in a novel: three-dimensional and appealing characters, a cracking plot, huge moments of humour, relatable themes, and a wonderful romance at its heart that makes it impossible to put down

The pressure Sasha feels as she takes on more and more work is familiar to so many of us, regardless of age. It’s always so difficult to let ourselves be vulnerable and admit that we can’t cope; this aspect of the novel is the heart of its success. Sophie Kinsella illustrates with first-class humour just how fallible humans are; we learn from The Burnout even as we’re laughing along with Sasha’s twenty-point plan to improve herself.

It’s liberating to find that what Sacha truly wants and needs might be under her nose – just as it might be for us. I have a feeling that The Burnout’s audience will find themselves “manifesting”, but you’ll need to read the book to find out why!

Believeable characters and a perfect setting

Sasha finds herself at The Rilston Hotel, a glorious example of faded glamour and totally bonkers pretensions. It’s the kind of cross between Downton Abbey and Fawlty Towers that could be found in any British seaside town, making it so easy to picture. The staff of The Rilston are completely believable and equally completely mad – providing fun and laughs throughout. I was immediately and totally in love with Herbert! The beach setting feels natural and familiar, with descriptions that place the reader right alongside Sasha and fellow burnout Finn.

The greatest joy in reading this book comes from the developing relationship between the two. They share experiences and develop a genuine friendship, but there’s huge tension in wondering if there could be a deeper relationship there. I simply had to know what happened to them.

The Burnout is absolutely brilliant. It’s laugh-aloud funny and tear-jerkingly emotional as the reader experiences Sasha’s life alongside her. From not having read her before, Sophie Kinsella officially has a new fan because The Burnout is one of the best books I’ve read this year. It’s completely fabulous.

The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella is out in hardback (Bantam, £11.99) and available from Amazon.

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