‘The Traitors’ Best Bits: Diane Is An Icon!

BBC © 'The Traitors' Best Bits: Diane Is An Icon!

Diane was an absolute firecracker on BBC’s The Traitors! Let’s take a look at all the best bits from this fun-loving mum turned super spy.


In the end, Diane’s tipple of death was much too hard to resist… a glass of fizzy rosé. How could she say no? Why would she say no?

“This has got to be the worst hangover in history!” Diane told BBC News.

But she was a fan-favourite who went out in style.

A detective from the get-go

When Claudia was picking “The Traitors” from a table of blindfolded contestants, she tapped Harry’s shoulder.

Straight away Diane spotted that his breathing sounded “panicked.” She called him out immediately!

Is she secretly a spy?

“I can’t lie!”

Well that’s a lie Diane, but we forgive you.

This “Faithful” successfully hid from the group that fellow contestant Ross was, in fact, her son. Even after rumours began swirling that she was related to Paul, Diane kept her cool and laughed it off.

We agree with Miles when he said Diane would’ve made a great Traitor.

Determined to prove people wrong about her

When asked why she applied to be on The Traitors, Diane told the show, “Mainly because my children said I could never do something like this! We started watching series one together and l just loved the idea of the challenge. I thought it would be great to have a go and see if I could do it.”

Well you did it Diane!

She continues to be iconic

Following her untimely death, Diane took to Instagram to share this incredible exit video. She used the chart-topping Sophie Ellis-Bextor song, Murder on the Dancefloor, which has recently gone viral again thanks to the movie Saltburn. And she nailed the reference!

Diane captioned it the post, “The price to pay for being a summer lovin’ fun hun.”

And fans have been going wild for it…

Viewers loved Diane so much that we’re almost certain she’ll reappear in another reality TV show soon!

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