The Memory of Us | Dani Atkins

The Memory of Us book cover


The Memory Of Us is a story that will grab your heart and not let go!

The Memory of Us opens with a dramatic prologue. Protagonist Amelia is found on the beach – her heart completely stopped.

The novel is captivating from this very first scene to the last. It is also completely impossible to review adequately for fear of spoiling the absolutely wonderful story for others.

The Memory of Us: Synopsis & Review

A compelling plot means even the most ordinary moments in The Memory of Us are imbued with meaning and depth. As Amelia’s illness ebbs and flows, her twin sister Lexi’s love for local vet Nick develops as the two of them try to recreate the memories Amelia insists are real.

Dani Atkins ably illustrates how a life-limiting or life-threatening illness can heighten our engagement with the everyday. In addition, there’s just a touch of the unusual in Amelia’s “memories” that adds a frisson of the magical, and an indication of the bonds that exist between twins.

It’s impossible not to care deeply for each of the characters as we come to know them so thoroughly. Although much of the action happens because of Amelia, it is Lexi we learn most about. Her relationships with Amelia, their mother and Nick are beautifully depicted.

We don’t just read about the characters’ emotions; we feel them too, because of the unparalleled quality of Atkins’s writing.

Between a heart-rending plot and gorgeous characterisation, profound themes emerge that elevate The Memory of Us beyond being simply outstanding fiction. Genetics, health, memory, family, love and romance are just a few of the layers that are brilliantly researched and totally credible.

Steeped in aspects that come from Atkins’s own experiences, this is a story that grasps our heart and simply doesn’t let go. The Memory of Us is emotional, poignant, heartbreaking and so affecting I doubt anyone reading it will remain unchanged. It might just be the best book you’ve ever read!

The Memory of Us is out from February 15, 2024 (Aria HB, £20) and available from Amazon.

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