Oscars: America Ferrera Sparkles In Barbie Pink Dress

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Actress America Ferrera looked stunning at this year’s Academy Awards in a Barbie pink dress, while co-star Margot Robbie took a step back from the red carpet in simple black number.

Following an array of iconic bright pink looks from Margot Robbie on the Barbie press tour, fans where surprised by her understated gown for this year’s Oscars.

What was initially considered to be the leading lady’s reaction to her nomination snub, is now realised as just Margot being the ultimate ‘girl’s girl’ and supporting her co-star.

It was simply America Ferrera’s time to shine!

Ferrera’s angry, heart-felt Barbie monologue resonated with women around the world. The speech bravely said what we are all thinking and expertly highlighted the impossibility of being a real woman living in a flawed world whilst held to unrealistic plastic doll standards.

This performance earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

America Ferrera, who many will also remember from the hit television series Ugly Betty, told Entertainment Weekly that she experienced “waves of emotion and disbelief,” over the nomination.


Throughout the Barbie press tour America Ferrera mostly wore black and grey while Margot paraded the carpets in pink. It seems very fitting that Ferrera was the one who got to wear pink on Oscar night, and she looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous in a full pink chainmail gown from Versace.

“The moment I stepped into the dress, I gasped and started to dance. That’s how I knew,” she told Bazaar magazine.

Margot Robbie was not nominated in the Best Actress category for her portrayal of ‘stereotypical Barbie’ at this year’s Oscars, but the Ken to her Barbie, Ryan Gosling, was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. The actor also wore a simple black suit on the red carpet as possibly another choice to support America Ferrera.

However, Gosling did take to the stage in the pinkest pink possible to bash the patriarchy in a full rendition of the epic fever dream musical number that is “I’m Just Ken.”

It was amazing!

And in true reformed Ken style, he took the opportunity to include all his female co-stars and colleagues.

He did a bit of microphone sharing with Margot and America as well as Barbie director Greta Gerwig. He even gave his La La Land co-star Emma Stone a moment on the mic, too.

As Ryan Gosling hit the final note, he made a point of holding up and kissing a gold chain around his neck, which viewers believe was a letter E for his wife Eva Mendes. The star wore a similar Barbie-styled E necklace while on press tour last year.

What an amazing night of women supporting other women – and women supporting Ken.

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