Queen Camilla Gets Her Own Barbie!

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Mattel has created a Barbie of Queen Camilla! She was presented her personalised doll at a Women Of The World event, which was celebrating women and school girls who “represent hope for women in the future.”

Queen Camilla received her mini me, which was wearing exactly the same outfit as she was on the night, for her work as president of the Women Of The World (Wow) Foundation.

The charity supports gender equality, celebrating the achievements of women and young girls while considering the obstacles which can stop them reaching their full potential.

Camilla appeared delighted with her Barbie doll saying, “you’ve taken about 50 years off my life – we should all have a Barbie.”

As we can see, the hair has been closely modelled on Camilla’s signature curls, as well as her particular outfit at the event.

Queen Camilla now joins a group of other famous women who recently received their own Barbie doll.

Hi Barbie!

Dame Helen Mirren and Kylie Minogue were among the eight women honoured with a Barbie replica ahead of International Women’s Day.

As the omnipresent, worldly-wise narrator of the Barbie movie, it was only fitting that Dame Helen Mirren receive her own Barbie.

Dame Helen’s doll wears the outfit she wore on the red carpet at the Cannes film festival last year and her bold blue hair from that night.

Of course she is holding a mini Oscar as a recognition of her first Academy Award for her performance in The Queen in 2007.

Dame Helen said: “I am absolutely blown away by my Barbie.”

Kylie Minogue’s Barbie is fashioned after her bold red outfit in the music video for her newest hit Padam Padam.

Other successful women who were recognised by Mattel include: American artist, activist, author and producer Viola Davis; Canadian singer Shania Twain; German comedian and activist Enissa Amani; Mexican director, producer and screenwriter Lila Aviles; Japanese model Nicole Fujita; and content creator from the Tatuyo Amazonas indigenous community, Maira Gomez.

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