5 Things Your Ears Can Reveal About Your Health

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Did you know that your ears can not only open a world full of wonderful sound but they can also point to signs of other health problems like heart disease, kidney problems and Vitamin D deficiencies? Specsavers Chief Audiologist Gordon Harrison explains more…

5 ear conditions:

1. Earache

While having earache could potentially be a sign of an ear infection it could also be the result of another health condition such as teeth grinding or an abscess on a tooth. Earache should usually go after a couple of days, but if it doesn’t and the pain persists, make sure you see your GP or audiologist.

2. Unusual ear shape

If your ears are an unusual shape – or even if you spot a simple skin tag – it could be a sign that there is a problem with your kidneys and the way they’re functioning. That’s because your ears and your kidneys develop at the same time in the womb. For those who have a newborn with unusually shaped ears, ask your doctor to carry out a kidney test or an ultrasound to make sure the kidneys are working properly.

3. Ringing ears

While an irritating ringing noise in the ear is usually down to being around loud noises, it can also be a sign of excessive build-up of wax, head or neck injuries or high blood pressure.

This is known as tinnitus and while for most the ringing, buzzing, humming or whizzing sound is temporary, for others it can be permanent. For those suffering from persistent tinnitus it is advised they visit their audiologist to see what may be behind the noise and talk about ways to manage the condition.

4. Pale colour

If your ears are looking a bit pale – and are consistently this colour – it could mean you have a deficiency of important vitamins such as Vitamin C or Vitamin D. However, pale coloured ears could also be a sign of dehydration too, so top up your water intake.

5. Earlobe crease

Having a crease in your earlobe – also known as Frank’s Sign – could be an indicator of heart disease. It is not known what causes this feature and not everyone who has a crease has heart disease. However, it is advisable that those with an earlobe crease visit their GP for advice.

When to get checked out

Specsavers recommends that those over the age of 55 should have their hearing checked every two years. If you are concerned about your hearing make an appointment at your nearest Specsavers store or book a test by visiting www.specsavers.co.uk/hearing.

TV’s Eamonn Holmes is a Hearing Ambassador for Specsavers. Here he discusses his own hearing loss…

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