5 Reasons We Love Bridgerton!

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It’s is the talk of the ton. Ahead of the highly-anticipated part two of season three, let’s take a look at all the reasons we love Bridgerton and dissect exactly what it is about this show that’s got us all hooked.

I never expected to become a Bridgerton fan. I don’t typically enjoy period dramas, so when I popped on the first season when there was nothing else to watch during Christmas of 2020, I was surprised by how quickly I got caught up in all the drama.

It was some much-needed escapism, I think.

As many critics and fans alike have pointed out, Bridgerton is in no way your traditional period drama… and it’s certainly not historically accurate.

The entire premise of the show is to bend the rules of Regency London’s high-society and paint a much more idealistic world of the time.

Diversity and inclusivity

Bridgerton family dance scene from season two.

There are interracial couples, gay storylines, characters with disabilities courting their love interests, women with curves and minds of their own being spotlighted and romanticised, and there’s even hints at neurodivergence this season.

Basically, every type of person that exists in the world today existed back then too, but their love stories were shrouded in taboo, misunderstanding and ultimately frowned upon.

The show doesn’t totally ignore the external pressures stacked against such couples or the insane social rules of the time, but it does make it its mission to demonstrate that love will always be louder than the noise.

You are asked to suspend disbelief on a number of occasions, which does frustrate some people – me included, at first.

The differences in cultural background, sexuality and class aren’t ever fully explored, but now I just really enjoy watching my favourite characters rarely bat an eye at what makes everyone different despite living in a world with an obvious strict status quo.

Bridgerton wants so badly for nothing but love to matter.

The show feels like one big creative exercise on period dramas where the focus is on telling the lesser celebrated stories with just as much heart as the typical tales we’ve all heard before. 

I think is the whole point of the show and one of the main reasons we have come to love Bridgerton.

Costume and set design

The designers on this show have such an eye for colour and flair! The series is renowned for its stunning set design and elaborate costumes – it’s a big part of what every fan looks forward to and one of the many reasons we love Bridgerton.

Each season is a carefully considered visual feast and every scene is meticulously crafted to transport viewers to the opulence of the time, but with modern twists that break all the right rules.

This was probably the first aspect of the show that literally caught my eye and then pulled me right in.

The main focus is love 

Anthony and Kate are my favourite couple in Bridgerton, so far.

Violet Bridgerton, the mum of the show, plays cupid in her own way. She rejects the idea that love is simple and that marriages should be of convenience, wealth and status. By gently nudging her children towards their heart’s true desire and supporting whatever that looks like for each them, she quietly and expertly side-steps the rules of society… and is just a great mother.

Her ethos pretty much encapsulates the show’s entire romantic narrative, which encourages the characters to be emotionally vulnerable, seek connection and marry for love and friendship rather than money and power.

Ultimately, Bridgerton is just a series of love stories loosely set in the Georgian Era and follows a group of rich elites, which allows it to be unapologetically melodramatic and full of pinning, longing and lust.

As much as I didn’t want to personally admit it, I believe this is one of the biggest reasons we love Bridgerton.

Is it insanely cheesy? Yes! Do I cringe at some of the dialogue? Absolutely! But now 3 seasons deep, I’ve come to realise that it’s just meant to be pure fun.

Bops and bangers

Put simply, the soundtrack is a stroke of genius.

A playlist full of string quartet renditions of modern pop songs perfectly compliments this rule-bending period drama.

Pitbull’s Give Me Everything Tonight is suddenly an elevated piece of music… that I listen to more often than I’d care to say.

Escapism and fantasy 

Although the stakes are high with each new romantic interest, that’s about all the peril there is. Aside from occasionally touching of death and grief, which in many ways is just another exploration of love, there’s really not much else to worry about in the world of Bridgerton.

Aside from what Lady Whistledown may write about you and the latest scandal, there’s not a lot for viewers to stress over or think too hard about. The show is widely considered to be just like Gossip Girl but reimagined for the 19th century, which is very accurate and one of the reasons I think a lot of young people love Bridgerton.

The characters spend a lot of time wrapped up in their own problems either just promenading, gossiping, attending grand balls, courting and being… intimate.

It’s just pure escapism and the perfect series for all those hopeless romantics at heart.

There is always a literal fireworks scene.

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