Shape Up With Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks

This week in the magazine we have a healthy eating and exercise plan by the lovely Mr Joe Wicks to help you shape up for spring, including a 4-day taster from Joe’s massively successful 90-day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan. There’s also a fabulous reader offer to help you get started.

Joe’s plan is not about eating less, it’s about eating the right foods and tweaking your lifestyle so you’ll feel good and look good without obsessing about the bathroom scales. Joe doesn’t believe in weighing yourself constantly – after all if you’re exercising more, you’ll be gaining muscle which weighs more than fat.

Once you start the healthy eating and exercises plan, Joe suggests taking photos of yourself instead to see how your body shape is changing – just look at 50-year-old Cheryl’s “before” and “after” pics on page 19!

Joe’s 5 Steps to Slenderness

  1. Make time for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 3 or 4 days a week; anything from marching on the spot to star jumps
  2. Throw out junk food and eat healthy fats, protein and vegetables (think eggs, avocado, broccoli, sweet potatoes) for energy
  3. Prep like a boss! Make your own meals from scratch
  4. Throw away the bathroom scales and take photos of yourself to monitor your progress
  5. Set yourself goals – it could be 3 HIIT sessions a week, a bike ride, a charity walk

Pick up this week’s issue for Joe’s  4 day eating plan, packed with delicious choices and recipes…

Audrey Patterson

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