Holiday Reading Special

Holiday Reading Special cover

On sale now, only £3.99! Available from supermarkets, newsagents and by subscription.

Welcome back! Isn’t it nice to have a sit down and a really good read? Whether on holiday or enjoying some late summer sunshine at home, there’s something for you in our Special.

Holiday Reading Special

What a treat for you this month – the start of a brand-new series featuring The Wadhams, our fictional family who delighted readers back in the day. Who remembers Polly and Pinky? Get up-to-date with them.

We have a great mini-magazine for you – I Love Nature explores everything bright and beautiful about our world in 16 pages.

If you’re on holiday and you are like me, finding and buying nice cheese and then going back to my apartment (or a handy bench) and eating it is what I like to do – but really, it would be better cooked into something yummy. So we have four pages of great cheese cookery for you to get your teeth into!

Two things we don’t get a holiday from. Lower back pain is one (find out all about it with our resident GP Dr Philippa Kaye). The other is the menopause. If “The Change” is driving you to distraction, all through the mag you’ll find the latest news and treatments for the dreaded menopause. Phew – fans out and time to relax!

Maggie Swinburne

Dawn In Her Own Words

In this month’s Special, our cover star, Dawn French talks about her key to happiness…

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