The Christmas Cleaning Countdown

For many of us, although the thought of Christmas sparks warm, fuzzy festive feelings, the thought of festive household chores might fill you with dread. This year it doesn’t have to be that way. To help you on your way to getting the house Christmas ready, Oven Pride has put together an easy three-week guide to help you prepare the house from top to bottom, leaving you with enough time to enjoy the Christmas festivities without any stress!



Squish, swish and make wish

Squish, swish and make wish

The Living Room

It’s time to prepare the living room for the main event, the Christmas tree. Pull all the furniture into the centre of the room and vacuum both the floors and soft furnishings. Begin to clear a space for the tree and dust off the decorations.

Santa’s getting ready to travel across the world on his sleigh and he needs a clean fireplace to get the job done! Take this time to dust the hearth, and why not get the kids involved for Santa’s grand arrival?




Fridge and kitchen cupboards

Turkey ordered? Check. Clean cupboards? Hmmm. About that… Prepare your fridge and cupboards for the Christmas feast by clearing out and wiping down all surfaces and shelves so you’re ready for the ‘big shop’.




Guest Bedrooms

Entertaining guests over the festive period? One week before Christmas is the perfect time to ensure their bedroom is visitor ready, so it’s a good time to ensure that your guest towels and bedding are washed, ironed and ready to roll.



The one job that’s often forgotten about… the big oven clean! With family and friends poking around your kitchen on the big day, let your oven have its time to shine and make it mother-in-law proof! Why not let Oven Pride make one of the most hated household chores that little bit easier for you by simply placing the racks in the plastic bag provided, add the solution and wait 24 hours for Oven Pride to work its magic.


Whilst your racks are getting a thorough clean, this gives you the perfect opportunity to give the inside of your oven a makeover too. Pour the remaining solution directly into the centre of the oven, and carefully spread this over the dirty areas using a sponge and leave to soak for four hours, or whilst you’ve got the time, leave overnight for even better results. Wipe away any dirty residue from the racks and inside the oven the following morning using hot soapy water, and voila, you’re now oven ready!


Tip: Reserve your ‘posh’ cutlery and glasses for special occasions? Whilst Oven Pride is working why not make sure glasses are polished and cutlery is clean and ready to go.




To get your bathroom in ship-shape before your Christmas guests arrive, make sure to clean the shower and sink with an all-purpose spray, and don’t forget to fluff up the bath mat so that it’s extra soft for guests. Flush the toilet, then pour a cupful of bleach around the rim of the bowl and leave to sit for five minutes.

Enlist your helpers to make the job easier

Enlist your helpers to make the job easier

Living Room & Dining Room

Time for one last vacuum in the living room to clear any loose pine needles that might have strayed from the Christmas tree, and dust off your baubles to make sure the fairy lights aren’t the only thing shining on Christmas day.


And finally, you can’t eat Christmas dinner without a festive table setting! So set the dinner table the night before to ensure that your morning is as stress-free as possible. Then, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the festivities because you’ve certainly earned it!

We recommend using name place settings to make sure that there are no squabbles over who has to sit next to Grandma

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