Does Your Hairdresser Make You Cry?

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1 In 5 Women Have Cried In A Hairdressers Due To A Bad Haircut

New research suggests that 23% of women have left a salon in tears due to a bad haircut, with more than half of these women revealing they attempted to fix their hair afterwards themselves. What’s more, it was uncovered that although four fifths of female Britons have had a bad experience at a hairdressers, only 1 in 4 make a complaint.

A new UK study would suggest that an increasing number of women have felt let down by someone who has cut their hair before, with the majority of female Britons having had a bad experience. Furthermore it was found that the average British female spends £165 on haircuts each year.

The survey was carried out by as part of ongoing research into the lifestyles and habits of Britons.  2,395 women aged 18 and over were asked about their experiences with hairdressers for the purpose of the study.

Where We Go

Firstly respondents were asked where they typically went to get their hair cut and were asked to choose from a list of options, with the following results emerging:

Professional salon (48%)
Friend/Family – Qualified (23%)
Friend/Family – Unqualified (14%)
Mobile hairdresser (12%)
I do it myself (3%)

To Complain, Or Not To Complain

Respondents were asked if they had ever had a negative experience at a hairdressers to which four fifths of participants (83%) stated that they had.

Even though 83% of participants admitted to having a bad experience at the hairdressers before, when they were asked if they had lodged a complaint following this, just 1 in 4 (24%) said they had.

The remaining 76% were asked why it was that they decided not to complain. 49% said they knew the hairdresser and didn’t want to upset them, 33% said they didn’t want to cause a fuss and the remaining 18% said they felt too awkward.

DIY Remedy

Respondents were next asked if they had ever been made to cry because of an experience they had whilst having their haircut, to which 23% said this was the case. When asked what they did following this, more than half (55%) said they attempted to fix their hair themselves.

Participants were then asked to estimate how much they spent on one haircut, with £55 being the average answer. Finally, they were asked how often they got their hair cut, with the average answer emerging as three times per year. This means that the average British female pays £165 annually on haircuts alone.

George Charles, spokesperson for commented on the findings:

“Getting a bad haircut can truly ruin your week, especially if you’ve spent a fair amount of money on it. It’s upsetting to see that this many women are emotionally distressed after a bad haircut, but

you shouldn’t ever be too afraid complain and never pay for something you aren’t happy with.”


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