How To Do A Twisted Updo In 4 Easy Steps

wedding updo

Long-haired lovelies can have a polished look in no time at all with this easy updo by celebrity Hair Stylist Asgar Saboo

Step 1:

Start with making sure the hair is prepped, textured and use spray if you wish. Then split your hair into two sections.

hair step 1

Step 2:

As if you are tying your shoes, tie the two sections into a knot.


Step 3:

For the left section, use about 3 bobby pins to secure it, especially towards the ends. Then take the right section, twist it and direct it up and to the left. After this, pin it down!


Step 4:

Take a few more bobby pins and start pinning around the bun to keep it secure then spray it to get a simple, yet majestic look!

hair step 4

Of course, if the twisted updo is not for you, there are plenty of other options to flaunt.

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