Get Ready for Beautiful Brights

summer dress

This week we have two pages of colourful fashion inspiration to put you in the holiday mood – who says you need to become invisible over 50?

If you’d like to find out what colour suits you best, try the Colour Quiz by Kettlewell Colours 


Once you’ve found out what colours suit you best, it’s a good idea to declutter your wardrobe to make room for your bright new buys! Set aside a quiet afternoon for this; it needs careful thought and planning.

Get Started

Start by emptying out all your clothes – daunting but necessary. Group them into types – skirts, dresses, etc. Once you’ve sorted everything into piles, go through each item and ask yourself if you love it, loathe it or don’t care about it, then put it into a pile accordingly.

Love It?

It’s a keeper, but do check if it needs to be repaired or is badly worn and needs replaced with something similar – maybe in a new colour now you know which shades suit you best!

Loathe it?

If you haven’t worn it, perhaps you could sell it on eBay. If it’s only slightly worn, it could go to a charity shop. If it’s too worn, take it to a clothing bank for recycling.

Don’t Care?

Maybe it doesn’t fit well. Is it too long or too short? It could be shortened or turned into a top, or an unflattering dress could become a skirt. Take these to a tailor to be reinvented.

Next Steps

Do the same with your accessories and once you’ve finished, only put back into your wardrobe things you’re truly happy with.

Finally, make a note of anything you need to buy – that’s the fun part! Keep in mind the colours which flatter you most and head for the shops.

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Audrey Patterson

Having started my career at My Weekly on Real Life stories, for the past 8 years I have been Beauty and Fashion Editor. I also write Travel and Homes features, plus the odd book review. We’re a flexible team! I also write features for Your Best Ever Christmas covering a variety of topics.