This is How To Get Sexy Wavy Hair

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Festival season is upon us, and naturally we are already deciding on our go to looks this year, from outfits, make-up and most importantly HAIR! If you need a bit of hair inspiration, award winning hairdresser Lee Stafford is here to show us how to get the perfect festival look by simply using the right tools…

Boho Waves

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Lee says: “Bohemian waves will always be the classic festival hairstyle. The easiest way to get the look is with my Rainbow Shine Waver (£40). With its unique bubble shaped barrel you can change up your style using just one wand. Simply wrap your hair around the spherical barrel to create relaxed beach waves, or go for a more bohemian vibe by wrapping your hair between the barrel. Add in some braids on your second day to disguise greasy roots and still look like a Boho Babe.”

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£40 Argos and Very

Disco Curls

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Lee says, “If you’re feeling a little wilder, throwback your look and create 80’s corkscrew curls with my Original Chopstick Styler ™ Curling Wand (£19.99). Featuring a unique ultra skinny barrel, this wand allows you to create extra tight curls, perfect for day to night partying. Simply wrap one-inch sections of hair around the barrel, starting from the back of your head working towards the front. Once your hair is totally curled use a wide-toothed comb to brush through the curls to add some serious volume. These curls will last for days, so there’s no need for re-styling or worrying about your curls dropping out. When your roots have seen better days, opt for a half up, half down look.”

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£19.99 Argos and Very

Tousled Waves

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Lee says, “Create barely there, ‘lived in’ waves with my Rainbow Shine Iron (£70) for an edgy rock ‘n’ roll look. All you need to do is take one-inch sections of hair, create an ‘S’ shape with it and tap the irons over the shape to set it. Then alternate the ‘S’ shape down until you reach the end of the hair, tapping with the irons as you go. This will create a far more ‘undone’ shape than using a curling iron, giving you a laid back hair look. For second day hair or whenever your hair is in need of a wash simply add a headband or scarf to hide any sign of greasy roots.”

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£70 Argos and Very


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