Don’t Let Social Media Put Your Home At Risk

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It takes just seven seconds for a professional burglar to decide whether your home is an easy target or not. Once inside, they know exactly what they’re looking for.

Burglary statistics rise as the nights draw in, but don’t panic! Lee Jasper, security expert at ADT, has some simple home security measures you can put in place to put burglars off.

Here are the Top 5 steps you can take to protect your property…

Don’t Advertise Your Absence On Social Media

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Take care with what you share, and when. Picture: iStockphoto

An astonishing 78 per cent of burglars now use social media to target homes. Think twice before posting anything that indicates you’ve headed off for a day trip or an evening out.

Equally, don’t share photos of your most prized possessions – that’s just like providing a catalogue for a burglar, as Kim Kardashian found out to her cost last year!

Early Warning Systems For Home Security

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Crunchy gravel will help deter intruders. Picture: iStockphoto

Make your property more difficult for anyone to approach without being noticed.

Noisy gravel driveways, external motion-sensing lights and CCTV cameras are all great ways to deflect would-be thieves. Wind chimes positioned by the gate and thorny hedges can be a hindrance to unwelcome visitors, too.

Seeing The Show Tonight? Leave A Light On

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Are you in? It looks like it! Picture: iStockphoto

Lighting up your home, especially when no-one is in, is a very cost-effective measure to help prevent burglary. You can even set timer switches to put lights on at the usual times, which gives the impression that a home is occupied, even when it’s not.

However, do also ensure you close your blinds and curtains. Don’t make it easy for burglars to see into your property and difficult for you to see them!

Be Alarmed… Be Safe

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A monitored alarm system gives peace of mind. Picture: iStockphoto

The most effective way to improve the security inside and outside your home is by investing in a monitored alarm system.

This is a really effective deterrent as it shows burglars that your property is always being watched and there’s always someone on hand immediately should your alarm go off.

Take Care With Your Keys

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Do you know where all your keys are? Picture: iStockphoto

Think twice about who you give your spare sets of keys to, and make a note of who has got them.

It sounds obvious, but be sure to only give your keys to trusted friends, family or neighbours. If anyone else pressurises you for a set, or if you feel someone is a bit careless with their own valuables, don’t hesitate to say no or to ask for your key back.

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