Smokey BBQ Vegan Steaks

Vegan burger with sweet potato fries
Credit: Jack Daniels® BBQ Sauces

Want to know how to make a vegan steak? Follow this ingenious method which uses a smokey Jack Daniels sauce.

Serves 4

  1. Add the chickpeas, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, coriander powder, oregano, soy sauce, tomato paste, paprika, black pepper, Jack Daniel’s® Full Flavour Smokey Barbecue Sauce and vegetable stock to the food processor and process until well mixed.
  2. Transfer to a mixing bowl and add the vital wheat gluten. Stir briefly and then get in there with your hands, mixing it into a dough. Knead the dough for around 2 minutes. Divide in 4 and shape into steaks
  3. Wrap individually in foil and steam for 20 minutes. Either use a steamer basket, or sit them in a colander over a pan of boiling water.
  4. Once steamed place on a baking tray and brush with Jack Daniel’s® Full Flavour Smokey Barbecue Sauce. Coat very well.
  5. Heat a frying pan with a little olive oil and fry the steaks at a moderate heat until golden and caramelised. Keep brushing with glaze to build up a nice sticky coating
  6. Serve with a side salad and sweet potato fries




Vital wheat gluten is extracted from wheat flour and is used in bread making to make a better dough, and it also improves the consistency in the steak. Replace with rice flour or plain flour if you wish.