5 Ways Technology Can Make Later Life Brilliant

grandfather with white beard and glasses shows grandson something on electronic tablet

Technology has come a long way over the last 20 years or so. Scary? Confusing? Maybe at first – but the digital world has lots of benefits and can open many doors in later life.

The number of seniors connected to the internet is increasing, with Stannah’s own research showing that nearly a third (32%) of over 65s spend more than half an hour on social media each day.

However many still aren’t making the most of potentially life-enhancing technology.

Here are five reasons why embracing smart phones, social media and wearable devices can give you a more fulfilled life:

1. Technology can make your life easier

Technology can be adapted to suit you in order to make your life simpler, especially around the home. For example, enlarged text on your tablet or your Kindle can make reading and messaging much easier.

Man delivers two parcels to a woman at the door

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Being online can assist with shopping, with necessities being delivered straight to your door.

Also, voice recognition software such as an Amazon Echo can provide instant information and even be connected to gadgets around the house.

2. Endless hours of entertainment at your fingertips

With the internet comes a never-ending choice of entertainment. But our research found that only 9% of over 65s are taking advantage of this.

Whether it be Sudoku and puzzle apps, catching up on your favourite programmes or watching YouTube videos to learn a new skill – why not try something new today?

3. You needn’t be in the same room to have a chinwag!

With more than a third of over-75s feeling that their loneliness is beyond their control, embracing the digital world can help remedy this.

Two women on sofa waving at screen of laptop, talking to family on Skype

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Social media channels such as Facebook and video chat sites like Skype are a great way to keep in touch with your loved ones, no matter where they are.

Who knows – at the speed that technology is moving, robots may be the next big thing to keep us all company in old age!

4. Technology can help keep you healthy

Wearable technology such as smart watches, can help you monitor and keep a track of your health.

They can help remind you when it’s time to take your tablets. Or they can prompt you to get up and move around if you’ve been sitting down for too long.

So, why not impress the grandchildren and ask for some tech gear for your birthday this year?

5. Enjoy your independence for longer

Telecare is widely used in homes for the elderly to provide invaluable security and reassurance to those who may be in need.

a care nurse demonstrates to a senior woman how her panic pendant would work in the event of a fall or medical emergency.

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For example, personal alarms, fall detectors and bed sensors which detect a lack of movement can provide peace of mind to you and your family.

This technology will alert a monitoring centre which will be able to organise appropriate assistance – allowing you to stay in your home, independently, for longer.

While technology can seem complicated, it can have many enabling benefits in later life. These can help you feel more fulfilled. So have some fun – the benefits will be undeniable!

Patrick is MD at Stannah, the stairlift company