The Big Tea Cosy for Breast Cancer Haven

Cosy living room with bunting and balloons, plus cakes and balls of yarn on coffee table

Breast Cancer Haven is a national charity that supports all those affected by breast cancer. We help people cope with the debilitating effects of treatment and the emotional toll of living with breast cancer.

At five centres across the UK, our healthcare professionals and therapists run programmes of support. These include counselling and therapies to support mental wellbeing and combat the devastating side effects of treatment. Our experts give practical, personalised advice on things like healthy eating, exercise, money and work.

The Big Tea Cosy is Breast Cancer Haven’s annual fundraising event. This March, Breast Cancer Haven is asking everyone to host a tea party with friends, family or colleagues to raise much-needed funds and awareness. This will mean we can be there to help even more people affected by breast cancer.

Help us support more people

Hosting a Big Tea Cosy tea party is simple. Just sign up here, and we’ll send you a fundraising pack filled with everything you’ll need: invitations, bunting, games, recipes as well as further ideas for fundraising.

All funds raised will go directly to supporting all those affected by breast cancer. Breast Cancer Haven’s support is free of charge so that anyone who needs it can come. But we can’t do it without you.

Catharine Pierce, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2019, said,

“When my NHS treatment finished, I was suddenly off the conveyor belt of appointments. I was left with my own thoughts about what had happened to me.

“During this time, Breast Cancer Haven was a refuge. It was more than just my treatment. It’s a place where everyone understands what you’re going through.”

Talking about problems and emotions is an important part of coping with breast cancer. Our professionals at Breast Cancer Haven are trained to listen deeply and empathetically, which reduces the emotional and mental impact of breast cancer.

Sharing can help manage fears

Whatever problems we have, we’re all afraid that we’re the only one struggling. Sharing our problems with others can help manage our fears and reframe our experience. It allows us to respond appropriately to the situation, rather than drown in fear and anxiety.

A more balanced emotional state in turn helps our bodies relax, boosts our immune system and lets us sleep better.

When we bury emotions, they don’t go away but can lead to mental trauma and, in severe cases, PTSD.

At Breast Cancer Haven we listen deeply to the concerns of our visitors, help them filter out the noise and focus on what’s important.

Listening is done without judgment, allowing our visitors to speak honestly and openly. In the end, we give our visitors the tools to cope with what they’re going through and help them live their lives to the fullest.

Here’s a lovely recipe from Jane Devonshire that’s perfect for your Big Tea Cosy event!