Top Bathroom Cleaning Tips From Aggie

Aggie Mackenzie, stylish mature woman with short blonde hair in grey top with burgundy statement necklace, sitting smiling in kitchen with red spotted mug

In the midst of a pandemic, we’re all keen to keep our homes as hygienic as possible. This week, cleaning guru Aggie Mackenzie focuses right in on the bathroom…

Use Your Own Towel

Get everyone in the household to be strict about using only their own towel and face cloth. Otherwise infections – especially skin problems such as impetigo or athlete’s foot – can spread quickly.

Clean Those Cloths

A young woman is wearing yellow gloves and spraying cleaning product into the bath while she cleans the bathroom, she is dressed casually and looks happy.

Picture: iStockphoto

Always use separate cleaning cloths for the bathroom so there’s no chance for germs to contaminate any other room.

After every use, wash and dry your cloths thoroughly – don’t leave them scrunched up behind the taps.

The Loveliest Loo

There are many different ways of cleaning the loo pan, but a brush is my least favourite. I much prefer to put on my “bathroom” rubber gloves, sprinkle around some disinfectant, rub away with some loo paper (don’t forget to reach under the rim… it’s scary what you can find there!), then flush away.

And don’t forget to wipe the handle clean!

Look out for more top tips from Aggie for My Weekly readers next week – and you can check out her blog too.