Davina McCalls’s Chicken Curry

Davina McCall

Join TV presenter Davina McCall in her home kitchen as she cooks a healthy and delicious chicken curry as part of a new campaign by Waitrose – Feel Good Friday. It’s a “feel good” recipe and all cooked in one pot – so less washing up!

Davina's chicken curry

Look out for other celebrities and branded guests on Feel Good Friday with Waitrose, and enjoy a weekend of wellbeing!

Davina, who’s written four cookbooks including her latest Davina’s Smart Carbs, is all about keeping it simple.

“My big thing is ease. Cooking is a great thing, but nobody wants to do it if it’s going to be a great big faff for hours. I don’t mind doing that for a dinner party, but for every night, it’s got to be quick and easy.

My passion is one-pot cooking. I just love chucking everything into a pot, putting it in the oven and leaving it.

Davina’s Curry


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