7 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

Fed up with cleaning the bathroom now that it’s in constant use with the family spending more time indoors? RAK Ceramics has put together cleaning tips to have your bathroom looking sparkling in no time.

Rinse And Shine

Rinse them out after use to help fight against grime. An all-purpose bathroom cleaner and a damp cloth will do the trick. Make sure you clean around the plug hole and taps as these are areas where dirt and germs most like to linger.

 Grout Busters

Use an old toothbrush to clean and some diluted bleach to clean up discoloured grout. If you’ve a new bathroom in mind, consider large format tiles or a mega slab for your walls to reduce that grout problem even further.

Shower Power

When you’ve showered leave the door to the enclosure open to help prevent mould from growing in a humid atmosphere. Wipe down wet tiles and dry off the shower tray. Use white vinegar to clean a glass screen and if you’ve got a shower curtain instead, pop it in the washing machine regularly

Tip-top Taps

Toothpaste and soap can damage the finish on taps so make sure you wipe them clean regularly. Washing up liquid works wonders here and if you’ve noticing a build-up of lime scale opt the white vinegar rather than an abrasive cleaner.

Tidy Toilets

As well as keeping the inside of the toilet bowl clean and germ-free pay attention to the outside too, wiping it down an all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Don’t forget the toilet handle or flush buttons. Neutralise nasty odours by pouring a cup of washing soda crystals or bicarbonate of soda down the bowl once a week.

Clutter Free

Pop clutter behind closed doors to create a relaxing environment. Kids toys, cleaning products and toiletries should all have their place in a cupboard and if your bathroom lacks storage it’s time to think about adding some furniture.

Check List

Leave this list where it can be seen and read by all the family, so they all do their bit!