Country Style

To tie in with this week’s Home Comforts feature on country style in My Weekly magazine, we look at some more options for creating an uncluttered rural feel. Flooring, cupboard fronts and lighting all play a part…

Wood Flooring

“When planning a country inspired decor it’s important to consider the flooring early on in the process,” says David Snazel, Hard Flooring Buyer for Carpetright.  “In country kitchens and utility rooms muted wood and stone flooring work well, offering a chic yet rustic look. Consider a wood pattern, such as chevron, particularly when paired with units with a simple design, to create an eye-catching floor.”

Budget Alternatives

Luxury vinyl, vinyl or suitable-for-kitchen laminate, will effectively emulate more expensive flooring styles. They will also create a charming look that will remain on trend for years to come.

Soft Touch

Additionally these affordable options will work in most rooms of the home. Where needed they can be softened by a sumptuous rural-inspired rug, adding comfort underfoot. Consider muted, oversized floral designs for a rug that makes an impact without being overpowering.


To create a timeless look, choose colours, patterns and materials across all surfaces, be that flooring, walls or furniture, that work in harmony together.

Muted Shades

In living rooms, hallways and bedrooms, if your heart is set on carpet, opt for hardwearing yet plush carpets. For a cohesive theme, choose warming yet muted shades of greens, grey and beiges. Avoid clashing colours and wood tones by opting for shades and materials that complement each other without being the same.

Kitchen Makers Haddon Cabinet from £3,100

Kitchen Planning

When trying to create a rustic charm within a brand new kitchen, planning is particularly important, says Ben Burbidge, Managing Director, Kitchen Makers. The modern rustic aesthetic blends traditional foundations with contemporary pieces. This helps to not only accentuate the look but also ensures the kitchen remains practical and stylish.

Clean Cabinets

Start with your cabinetry. Clean simple designs always work well but consider the material of your doors carefully. Wood, in shaker style, is particularly suited to a country style kitchen and can be painted in your favourite shade for a contemporary edge.

Blues, greens and neutrals are perfect for these modern shaker style kitchens and will keep the space on trend for years to come.

If you opt for a painted scheme select a finish where you can still see the natural grain, to keep the authenticity of the wood. Keep to one type of wood throughout the kitchen, whether across cabinets, storage or accessories, to ensure the space feels cohesive.

Added Charm

Consider your accessories and lighting carefully as these finishing touches will make a difference to the final feel of your room. Don’t take a country theme too literally and fill your space with novelty accessories. A few charming and characterful pieces will help create a contemporary space that feels lived in.



Audrey Patterson

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