21 Reasons Why You Should Make Gardening Your New Hobby!

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The plant professionals over at GardeningExpress.co.uk have compiled a list of 21 reasons that Brits should make gardening their number one hobby this year. Gardening brings in beautiful bouquets and tasty veggies to serve, but the produce is only one of the many benefits of this pastime. It’s also great for helping people get into shape, improve their state of mind and save some pennies.

Chris Bonnett from GardeningExpress.co.uk said: “Now more than ever we need to get outside and fill our bodies with fresh air and fresh food, and luckily gardening is a fantastic way to do just that.

“We’re encouraging families up and down the country to take up some gardening activities now –  in time to get outdoor spaces blooming for the summer months. You can spend this time planning how you want your space to look, getting your ground prepared for planting and picking up essentials.

“Not only is gardening an eco-friendly hobby, but it’s also fantastic for your both your physical and mental health and will benefit local wildlife too.”

1 Getting you into shape

It only takes 5 minutes in the garden to work up a sweat… you may not think it counts as exercise, but raking, shovelling and planting all bring up your heart rate!

2 Growing self esteem

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You may not have thought your thumb was green, but after nurturing and harvesting your plants, you will see yourself in a different light.

3 Reducing stress

Going outside and moving in the fresh air will always help ease any daily stress away. Take a deep breath in and watch the stress disappear.

4 Improving your mind

Getting work done in the garden gives your brain a break and allows you to free up some mental space.

5 Building up strength

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Want to start working out, but no idea where to start? Shovelling and digging tones your muscles and allows you to go at your own pace.

6 Burning calories

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There are loads of activities around the garden and pushing a lawnmower is one of the most common. It burns the same amount of energy as jogging does!

7 Getting the family together

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Everyone in the family can get involved, with activities for all ages to bond over.

8 Break from screen time

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Time spent outdoors is a great excuse to keep your eyes off the screen and surround yourself in nature.

9 Vitamin D

Spending time out in the sunlight, whatever the weather, keeps your Vitamin D levels up. It helps to keep your bones, teeth and muscles strong and healthy.

10 Save money

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You can make massive savings on your weekly shop by growing your own veg, fruit and herbs. You will appreciate them more too, because you lovingly grew them.

11 Eat healthier

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The greens that you grow will leave you beaming with pride – plus they will be tastier than shop bought produce.

12 Great gifts

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The beautiful blooms and tasty produce all make great, thoughtful gifts for friends and family when bloomed or ripe. It’s also a great way to show off the skills your new hobby has taught you.

13 Eco friendly

Spring onions are rich in vitamins,minerals and natural compound. Green onions or Spring onions on wooden board cutting.;

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Growing your own food is a super sustainable way of living. Take pride in doing your bit for the planet, whilst enjoying everything you have harvested.

14 Immune system boost

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Digging around in the mud and dirt exposes you to safe bacteria that can build your immune system up.

15 Cleaner air

Plants and trees are amazing. They take harmful C02 from our air, which keeps it clean and helps to reduce global warming.

16 Drainage

If your garden often floods, it is a great idea to plant species with deep roots in the space. It helps drainage and the roots take in a lot of the extra moisture.

17 Privacy

Larger plants, trees and shrubs are great for giving your garden some shelter and privacy from surrounding windows and gardens.

18 Safe space for wildlife

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A basic need for all wildlife is somewhere safe to breed and shelter. Growing climbers can provide shelter for birds. Small mammals like hedgehogs shelter from predators in safe spaces like bushes and hedgerows.

19 Property value

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Spending time making your garden look gorgeous can add a bit of value to your property. Even if you do not want to sell, you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space to spend time in.

20 Smells great

Strongly scented plants like lavender are such a bonus to any garden, with the added benefit that many are attractive to bees and butterflies. Hot sunny days will enhance the scent.

21 Food safety

New potatoes cooked.;

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Growing your own fruit and vegetables allows you to have more choice over the pesticides that come in to contact with your harvests.

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