Festive Dining Table

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee or simply playing board games with the family, so much happens around your dining table. Always a staple piece in every home, it’s important you pick the right dining table that perfectly suits you and your home’s needs.
To give you some advice and inspiration on choosing the right dining table for your home, modern furniture brand Danetti’s resident stylist, Jess Contomichalos shares her expert tips and recommendations on what to consider:


For everyday living think about what you need, how many people do you want to seat around your table?


Is it formal dining you’re after – or is it somewhere to perch with a drink and a chat? If you entertain often, think about an extending table to ensure your table is big enough.

Colour and Style

What colour and style would best suit your home? Grey is very fashionable but would white lighten your space? Do you gravitate towards curves, or go for sharper edges? What style would suit your room?


How big is your room? If you’re short on space – look at a glass table top as this will visually create space and won’t encroach on the view of your room.