5 Space-Saving Ideas For Small Living Spaces

Try these top tips by The Original Factory Shop to maximise your living area

Exposed Leg Furniture

Add more visual space to your living area by incorporating furniture pieces which sit off the ground and have exposed legs. This trick taken from scandi-inspired style helps create the illusion of space whereas furniture pieces that are bulky and sit on the ground, tend to look larger.

Maximising Leg Furniture

Light Colour Scheme

If you’re trying to maximize the illusion of space, keep the walls and furniture neutral and light by opting for whites, pastel shades, light oak, and pine tone wood. Dark colours absorb light, whereas these white and lighter colours help to give the room a lighter, brighter base that allows more vibrant colour furniture and accessories to stand out for that pop of colour.

Choose a Light Colour Scheme

Reflective Surfaces

Strategic placement of mirrors is a tried and tested interior designer trick for opening-up a space. A mirror makes a room appear larger by bouncing light and reflecting the surrounding space. When carefully placed they can make a small living space bigger in an instant. Also try glossy wall tiles, the high shine material is equally reflective and creates the same maximising effect that a mirror for an airier feel. Gloss tiles work perfectly in a smaller kitchen and bathroom space too.

Reflective Surfaces

Choose & Hang The Right Wall Art

Choose an oversized piece of art to anchor the room and make your space appear larger than it actually is. A general rule of thumb is that the frame should take up two-thirds or more of the wall. Or to create the illusion of height, even if your space isn’t blessed with 12-foot-high ceilings, you can create height by drawing the eye upward. One way is to hang pictures two or three inches above eye level. Both strategies will give the impression of a larger room.

Hang the Right Wall Art

Wall Mount Your TV

An entertainment centre or TV unit can easily and quickly add to floor space wastage in your living room. Mounting your TV above your fireplace, or on the wall, will save space while offering a modern, less cluttered look. An easy and low-cost trick to free up space quickly.