Did You Know That Mosquitoes Are Attracted To Colours? We’ll Tell You The Ones To Avoid!

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A new study published in Nature Communications has revealed that mosquitoes are especially attracted to people wearing red, orange or black clothes. Bite prevention expert, Howard Carter advises, “Even if you don’t wear this colour, the mosquitoes will still hone in on your skin which they see as red, so it’s important to protect yourself by using a strong insect repellent. If you’re suffering badly with mosquitoes constantly buzzing around you, try my CLOAK method for effective bite prevention…

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  • C – Cover up arms and legs with suitable clothing.
  • L – Light coloured clothes are strongly advisable.
  • O – Odours, bodily or otherwise, like certain kairomones and perfumes are strong attractants. So wash thoroughly, including exfoliating with a loofah, and do not use perfumes.
  • A – Apply an effective, preferably natural, insect repellent containing PMD, such as incognito.
  • K – Keep away from stagnant water if possible.
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“A lot of mosquitoes zero in on the ears, wrists and ankles because this is where the skin is thinner and blood vessels are nearer the surface; which is one of the reasons women generally get bitten more than men. So, it is a good idea to wash with a loofah soap that contains citronella, then spray and use a moisturiser containing citronellol. But always use the spray last.

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“Try burning Incense Sticks containing Java citronella, a substance which significantly helps to reduce your attractiveness to insects. The light smoke they emit further helps to deter mosquitoes. Place the stick in a sturdy place, light the tip of the stick then blow out the flame. Make sure you keep the stick away from children and animals.

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“It’s also important to avoid all fragrances. Some perfumes such as lavender combinations actually attract insects – just look closely at a lavender bush! Be aware that most toiletries and sunscreens, along with most fabric softeners, contain scent. Be aware of your odour output!

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“Use protection on any exposed skin and spray your clothing as well; mosquitoes can and will bite through fabric, even thick jeans! Spray an insect repellent on and around your back door or your summerhouse door before entering, as mosquitoes often lie in wait on the outside of doors and windows and this simple procedure helps to keep them out.”

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