How to Nail the Minimalist Bedroom Trend

White and neutral bedroom

The minimalist vibe is trending once again! It’s particularly good for bedrooms where clean lines and storage can offer a calm oasis…

Interior experts at Benson for Beds reveal how to achieve the ultimate minimalist bedroom, from using a soothing, warm colour scheme to picking perfect textures and objects.

Choose Neutral

Neutral colours such as white, beige, cream and and even black work best in bedrooms to provide a welcoming atmosphere. You can’t go wrong if you choose neutrals with warmer tones but it’s important to take into account the colours that will help you to relax.

After surveying 1000 people across the UK, Bensons for Beds reveal that the most relaxing colours are:


39% of the people surveyed revealed white to be the main colour in their bedroom. White is often linked to feelings of purity, clarity, and serenity, creating the right atmosphere to help us drift off into a peaceful night’s slumber.


Bedroom with black furniture

Although black may not be the first colour that springs to mind when you think of calming, tranquil colours for a bedroom, black actually ranked highly as the main colour palette of those who slept the best.

Those aged between 16 and 24 were most likely to use black as their main bedroom colour. This age group also ranked the highest for getting between nine and ten hours of sleep a night, and they ranked highest for those who feel the most “full of energy” when they wake up.

To achieve this look, use black accents alongside black furniture to elevate your bedroom.


A bed with blue headboard

Shades of blue and light green have always been regarded as some of the most soothing colours. According to colour psychology, blue can denote feelings of calmness, security and tranquillity. A simple way of adding blue to your bedroom would be with a headboard.

Make use of hidden storage

Taking advantage of hidden storage is key when trying to achieve a minimalist lifestyle. Opt for an ottoman bed that offers a huge amount of space for your belongings without compromising on style and comfort.

Lauren Jaques, Senior Buyer at Bensons for Beds, said, “Be practical about the items that must remain in your bedroom, and make sure you have the right furnishings for your possessions.”

Go for lightweight furnishings

Less is more, but not at the expense of function and aesthetic appeal. The aim is to select contemporary furniture in light materials so they don’t overpower the space. Simple, beautiful, and subtle bedside table options can be found with materials like plywood, acrylic, and metal.

Decorate with ambient lighting and natural materials

Lighting is possibly the most important but underappreciated component of any space. Adding table and floor lamps to your space creates a more intimate environment. And finishing off with decor and accessories made from natural materials will complete the aesthetic.

Lauren said, “In designing a modern home with a minimalistic approach, less truly is more. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone.”

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