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Portrait shot of My Weekly fiction editor Susan WatsonReading this week’s travel piece about Houston has made me long for another travel adventure in Texas! Back in 2008, I was lucky enough to take a trip across the States. I really enjoyed my time spent in Dallas – and can still remember to this day the amazing flavours of the wonderful Jack Daniel’s pecan pie I tried on a visit to a steakhouse one evening. Talking of amazing flavours, don’t miss the Taste The Rainbow cookery feature on page 18 – delicious and colourful! Enjoy the mag and have a great week!

Susan Watson, Editor

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Eat The Rainbow

Feast your eyes on our 9 truly beautiful recipes this week, while loading up with superfood goodness! From Beetroot Risotto to Berry Slaw – via this mesmerising naturally blue Coconut Jelly Pie – enjoy trying them all.

Pic: Stuart MacGregor

“I Feel So Very Lucky”

TV property expert Sarah Beeny explains how her four sons helped her through breast cancer treatment, and how – oddly – she is now less afraid of the disease.

Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

A Tour Of Texas

Yeeeha! Bridget McGrouther takes us on a trip around the International Space Center, a rodeo and more… Also in this issue we have lots of handy tips for saving money on every aspect of your holiday, without cutting back on fun.

Pic: Bridget McGrouther

Pet Tales: First Day Niggles

When life feels too serious, dive into the crazy world of Chris Pascoe. In this week’s column, our intrepid cat sitter recounts day one of his stint with two warring feline factions, plus a quartet of strays, which he had to care for in different parts of the same house… in France!

Pic: Mandy Dixon, Shutterstock

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