6 Great Reasons To Start Cycling Today

A mature couple cycling by the coast

From health to money-saving, cycling boasts a diverse range of benefits. It’s one of the most popular forms of exercise, for good reason.

The bike design specialists behind islabikes.co.uk have highlighted six reasons why cycling is great for your legs, lungs, immune system and mind. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist already, or you’re weighing up if you should begin your own cycling journey, read on!

6 cycling benefits

1. Strengthens key lower body muscle groups

Cycling is a great workout for your lower body, particularly your calves, glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps – all of which are key muscle groups.

Other exercises to build leg muscle, such as deadlifts, lunges and squats, might not be physically possible for some, while cycling is much more inclusive.

If you increase the resistance of your ride, whether it’s from gravity (such as riding up hills) or increased gear settings, you can expect even stronger legs in the long run.

An older couple having fun on their bikes in the park

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2. Safeguards your heart and lungs

Regular cycling can help reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases including stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack. How so? Cycling increases your lung capacity, lowers your resting pulse, strengthens your heart muscles and reduces blood fat levels.

3. Helps to protect you against winter lurgies

This past winter, the UK was hit particularly hard by lurgy season – it felt like almost everyone had come down with a cough or cold at some point.

A study of 1,000 adults up to the age of 85 by Appalachian State University found that exercise has huge benefits on our upper respiratory system and, in turn, reduces instances of the common cold.

Rear view of young woman riding a bicycle down the street at sunset.

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4. Boosts your mental health by releasing endorphins

Immediately after an intense period of exercise, your brain will kickstart a chemical response: releasing endorphins into your blood stream.

Endorphins, in turn, will let you experience a burst of euphoria, also know as a ‘runner’s high’ or ‘cycling high’.

5. Electric bikes can offer the little ‘boost’ that you might need

For anyone unable to cope with the physical exertion of riding a regular bicycle, whether it’s due to a chronic condition or your physical limitations, buying an electric bike is the perfect alternative.

Contrary to common misperceptions, e-bikes don’t do all the work for you – instead, they offer a battery-powered assist which might be just what you need to conquer a hilly ride.

Couple cycling in leafy lane

6. Saves you money by using the car less and your bike more

The cost of motoring has become wholly unsustainable for many, with global fuel prices rising and unexpected vehicle repair bills becoming even more costly throughout the cost-of-living crisis.

Using your bike more allows you to bypass those drawbacks, while also enjoying all of the benefits above.Tim Goodall, managing director of islabikes.co.uk, commented, “Cycling is one of the best forms of aerobic exercise available, with an impressive list of mental and physical health benefits. Whether it’s protecting yourself from disease or saving money during a time of financial difficulty, there’s no reason to not start now.“At Islabikes, one of our biggest aims is to provide cycling solutions that are genuinely effective. Far too many are left behind and rendered unable to enjoy the benefits of cycling, which are so diverse and joyful.

“We want to enable more people to not only take more journeys but enjoy them too.”

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