Gail Platt Through the Years

Shutterstock © Helen Worth who played Gail Platt

ITV have confirmed that actor Helen Worth, who has played Gail Platt for 50 years, is set to leave the show.

Gail Platt, one of the most iconic characters on the British soap opera Coronation Street, has had a dramatic journey since her first appearance.

Here’s a look at Gail Platt through the years:

1970s: Early Years

Introduction: Gail was introduced in 1974, played by actress Helen Worth. Initially, Gail Potter was a young, energetic girl who quickly became friends with Tricia Hopkins.

Marriage to Brian Tilsley: In 1979, Gail married mechanic Brian Tilsley. The couple had a rocky relationship from the start, ruined by infidelity and family pressures.

Gail Platt Coronation Street

Pic: ITV

1980s: Turbulent Marriage and Tragedy

Family Life: Gail and Brian had two children, Nick and Sarah. Their marriage faced multiple challenges, including Brian’s affair.

Brian’s Death: In 1989, Brian was tragically stabbed to death, leaving Gail a young widow struggling to raise two children.

Gail Platt with husband Brian and new born Nick.

Pic: ITV

1990s: New Relationships and More Challenges

Marriage to Martin Platt: Gail married Martin Platt in 1991, a nurse much younger than her. They had a son, David (prior to their marriage).

Affair and Divorce: The marriage began to unravel when Martin had an affair with a colleague. The couple divorced in 2000.

Martin and Gail Platt on their wedding day

Pic: ITV

2000s: Family Drama and Personal Struggles

Sarah’s Teenage Pregnancy: Gail dealt with Sarah’s teenage pregnancy in 2000, when Sarah was just 13 years old, giving birth to Bethany.

Richard Hillman: Gail’s most infamous storyline came in the early 2000s when she married Richard Hillman, a charming but psychopathic conman. Richard’s crimes included murder and fraud, ending in a dramatic attempt to kill Gail and her family by driving them into a canal. They survived, and Richard died in 2003.

Gail and Family

Pic: ITV

2010s: Family Struggles and Health Issues

David’s Troubled Behaviour: Gail continued to cope with her son David’s erratic and often violent behaviour, including his attack on his brother Nick and his many schemes and plots.

Health Scares: Gail faced health issues, including a heart attack in 2011.

Multiple Marriages: Gail’s romantic life remained turbulent with multiple short-lived marriages, including to Joe McIntyre, who faked his own death to escape debt.

Platt Family

Pic: ITV

2020s: Stability and Ongoing Challenges

Supporting Family: Gail continues to be a central figure in her family’s lives, holding them together.

New Generations: With grandchildren growing up, Gail’s role evolves as she provides support and guidance to the younger Platts.

Personal Growth: Despite all the drama, Gail remains resilient, often finding humour and strength amidst the chaos of her life.

Gail and Audrey

Pic: Shutterstock

Gail Platt remains one of Coronation Street‘s most beloved characters, with her storylines captivating viewers for decades. Helen Worth’s portrayal of Gail has made her a household name, and her character’s resilience continues to inspire fans. She will be very missed on the Cobbles.

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