Japanese Cooler Coffee

Coffee cooler
Credit: Barista & Co

Barista & Co have shared this refreshing recipe using filter coffee and raspberry ice cubes – so cooling on a hot day!

Serves: 1

Japanese iced coffee is a fantastic way to enjoy chilled coffee while still being able to keep your brewing precise and full of flavour. You still work with basic brewing ratio BUT you include the ice in the glass within these ratios. Why is this important? Put simply it means you are not diluting the flavour when the ice melts.

  1. Place raspberries in your ice cube tray, add water and freeze (prepared in advance).
  2. Weigh 22 grams of coffee – that is approximately a tablespoon and a half if you do not have scales.
  3. Put your paper filter into your pour over holder and place on top of your glass.
  4. Pour a small amount of the boiled water through the paper filter to wet the paper – this helps with brewing and cleans the paper.
  5. Throw out the water in the glass and then fill with the raspberry ice cubes – around 180g.
  6. Place the pour over and paper filter over the ice filled glass and pour a small amount of water (60ml) over the coffee and leave for 30 seconds.
  7. Slowly pour over the remaining 140ml of boiled water in a circular motion so the coffee mixes with the water
  8. Let the coffee drain from the filter, remove, and enjoy your cooling drink.

Top tip: We used large ice cubes to ensure the hot coffee cooled quickly and the ice cubes didn’t melt immediately leaving an amazing slight crunch at the end of the drink to reveal the fresh raspberries. If you want the raspberry flavour in your coffee you could use smaller cubes that melt quicker.