8 Fabulous Christmas Cocktails & Drinks!

An espresso martini Christmas cocktail in two cocktail glasses

There’s nothing better than a Christmas cocktail to get the party started – so why not welcome your guests with one of these sophisticated tipples? 

Over a fifth of households are planning on making Christmas cocktails this year, and it’s not hard to see why! When your cocktails look and taste as good as these, you’ll be everyone’s favourite host!

If you’d rather go for a more traditional approach though, you can’t go wrong with eggnog or the fruity warmth of mulled wine. These seasonal favourites never go out of style.

Get ready to be shaken and stirred with our colourful mix of recipes – and we’ve included non-alcoholic mocktails, too, so no-one misses out on the fun!

For more ideas on Christmas Day entertaining, see our Christmas dinner checklist and timings.

Christmas whisky cocktail

Drambuie Espresso Martini

Oh so festive, especially when you add a topping of cocoa powder shaken through a snowflake stencil! With a generous splash of Drambuie and whisky, combined with a shot of espresso, this one will heat you up on a cold winter’s evening!

How to make a Drambuie Espresso Martini.

Christmas gin cocktails

Mince Pie Martini and more! Cocktails with a calorie count…

Mince pie Christmas gin cocktail

A cocktail made with homemade mincemeat syrup – you can’t get more Christmassy than that! Add run, gin and red vermouth into the mix for something extra special. And why not pop a cherry on top for an extra dash of Christmas colour?

If you’re keeping an eye on your waistline, click the link below to find out how many cals are in your favourite drinks.

How to make a Mince Pie Martini – plus extra cocktail recipes, all with calorie counts!

Gin’gle Bells Cocktail

Gin'gle Bells Christmas gin Cocktail

Our friends at award-winning St Andrews’ cocktail bar and restaurant The Adamson have created a very special Christmas gin cocktail! Blackberry and cinnamon infused, with the sharpness of lemon, it’s one to savour this Christmas Day!

How to make a Gin’gle Bells Cocktail.

Christmas cocktail with vodka

White Russian Twistmas With Cranberry & Cassis

White Russian Twistmas festive vodka cocktail

Fruity rather than coffee-flavoured, this is a festive take on the classic White Russian. First, make a cranberry compote with a trio of sweetly aromatic spices, then pour over vodka, White Heron British Cassis and cream. A real show-stopper for your Christmas guests.

How to make a White Russian Twistmas.

Christmas brandy cocktail and non-alcoholic alternative

Side Sleigh Cocktail

Waitrose Side Sleigh Christmas brandy Cocktail

It’ so quick and easy to make this sophisticated Cognac cocktail – or a mocktail version, if you prefer. Whatever option you go for, simply drape some chilled cranberries over the edge of the glass, and add a citrus twist with a curl of lime for the finishing touch.

How to make a Side Sleigh Cocktail.

Christmas rum cocktail

Black Forest Gateau Cocktail

Black forest gateau Christmas rum cocktail

Dark and delicious, serve this cherry flavoured cocktail late in the evening. Roll a cherry in edible gold leaf and secure on the rim of the glass for a decadent final flourish.

How to make a Black Forest Gateau Cocktail.

Traditional Christmas drinks

Festive Mulled Wine

Two glasses of Christmas mulled red wine

Mulled wine has a very long history, dating right back to Roman times when hot red wine was enjoyed with health-giving spices and herbs. In more recent times, it’s quickly become the flavour of Christmas, and a trip to a Christmas market just isn’t the same without a warming cup to wrap your fingers around. As your guests step in from the cold this Christmas, toast their arrival with this traditional favourite.

How to make mulled wine.

Eggnog, and non-alcoholic alternative

Christmas Eggnog drink in two glasses with nutmeg on the top

Another top seasonal choice, this one is best served chilled with a little nutmeg grated on the top. Its sweet and creamy flavour makes it a much-loved treat to be enjoyed right through the festivities. Our recipe can be adapted for those with a dairy-free diet, and it can be served with or without alcohol…

How to make traditional eggnog.

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