Romance with a twist for Valentine’s Day

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The Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to: Happy Endings

Mills & Boon A-Zs (Book 4)

Hardback £6.99


A fun, feminist tongue-in-cheek look at modern dating for Valentine humbugs!

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Do you shiver or shudder at the thought of Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever asked yourself whether dying alone would really be that bad, when compared to the alternative?

Have you invented a boyfriend so you don’t have to withstand any more concerned questions at family parties?

Do you shave your legs only to the knee?

Do you scorn the idea of ‘happy-ever-after?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes!’, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Happy Endings is for you: an honest guide to dating – with a feminist twist.

Drawing on Mills & Boon’s heritage and experience of over 100 years’ publishing for women, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guides contain vital advice every woman needs to survive the modern world.

In the vein of The Ladybird Books for Grown-ups and The Enid Blyton Books for Grown-ups, the books bring together nostalgic black and white archive photographs of twentieth century women with witty twenty first century commentary.

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Previous books in the series include The Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Working 9 to 5;  The Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Happy Hour and The Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Helping Yourself.

At just £6.99 these beautifully produced miniature hardbacks are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself, sister or girl friends.

PS: If you’re the traditional romantic sort of girl, don’t miss this week’s issue with four fantastic Valentine stories, including an exclusive, steamy tale from Sarah Morgan, bestselling author of over 30 romances, including New York Actually.


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