A Christmas Gift | Katie Flynn

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Wartime Britain as you have never seen it before!

As the Luftwaffe terrorizes the skies above Liverpool, sixteen-year-old Lizzy Atherton finds herself alone for the first time.

Separated from her mother while running from her abusive stepfather, Lizzy embarks on a journey to find her mother with the help of new and old friends.

Will she ever find out what happened to her mother on that fateful night? Or will love and war stand in her way?

Keep Calm and Carry On

The year is 1939, and sixteen-year-old Lizzy Atherton is hiding on a station platform from her mother’s violent husband. The next day, she returns to her home to find it empty of all belongings and her beloved mother gone.

With the help of her lovable school friend Dolly and an escaped evacuee, Clara, who seems to have her own share of family drama, Lizzy is determined to find her mother.

But, as the war draws on and Lizzy settles into her new life with new responsibilities and challenges, hopes of finding her seem to fade.

Can she ever be truly happy?

Katie Flynn’s A Christmas Gift transports you to a bygone era. You can almost taste the spirit of the people in wartime Britain and can’t help but empathise with the sacrifices those on the home front made.

From the bravery of the fire watchers who risked life and limb to keep our cities safe to the tenacious Wrens trailblazing a way for women in the Navy, this book combines the heartwarming story of Lizzy and the authenticity of what it was like to live in Liverpool during WW2.

Willing Lizzy to find her happy-ever-after, you’ll find yourself unable to put this book down.

A definite must-read for all those Katie Flynn fans out there.

A Christmas Gift by Katie Flynn is published by Arrow in paperback, RRP £7.99

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